Backup phrase restored a new multi wallet address in stead of my old wallet and am missing all assets

My backup phrase restored a completely newmulti coin wallet please help

There are 2 reasons this would happen:

  1. The recovery phrases is for a different wallet
  2. The recovery phrase is from a different app.

Please make sure you are restoring the right recovery phrases.
We have no way to provide this information to you.

Gud day
How to recover my old wallet address? bc1q3660rz8my524cgyx2y79g08td9y200dse07e4f
I format my phone because of someone hack my account. Now i installed again trustwallet. Its gave me new wallet adress

Hello… How did go about it because I’m currently facing this problem

You need to restore the recovery phrases for the previous wallet.
We do not have this information.
If you do not have a backup then no way to access the wallet anymore.

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I was hacked twice by the same hacker recepient address. What to do? Please help

If your wallet is already compromised then you need to move your funds to a new wallet.


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