Backup your Recovery Phrase or Private Key

Why Backup?

  • Keep your funds secure
  • Restore your wallet on any device
  • You are responsible
  • Prevent loss of funds

This is an important reminder to always do a manual backup of your wallet.

Your Recovery Phrase or Private Key is encrypted on your device. What this means is that, your keys are secured and never leaves your device. The best way to backup your wallet is by manually writing down your Recovery Phrase or Private Key. No online service can then capture your wallet information.

The Trust Wallet team has NO record of your Recovery Phrase or Private Key.

How to Backup?

We have a guide that you can follow here: How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet Trust Wallet app allows you to view the Recovery Phrase or the Private Key.

Simply go to the Settings menu then tap on the wallet that you want to backup.

Backup Your Recovery Phrase

Your recovery phrase is generated as soon as you create a Multi-Coin wallet. You need to backup your recovery phrase as soon as possible.

Backup Your Private Key

Single crypto wallets imported on the app will allow you to export the Private Key.

Lost Backup?

  • Please make sure you store your backup(s) in a safe place.
  • We at Trust Wallet, has NO access to your wallet or your Recovery Phrase.
  • Without a backup, your funds are lost. We cannot help you.