Badger DAO

I’ve been trying to acquire Badger DAO (BADGER) ERC20 governance token over Badger.Finance BitCoin depository for migrating (BTC) and investing in DeFi on the Ethereum platform

Badger contract address 0x3472a5a71965499acd81997a54bba8d852c6e53d



to my TrustWallet portfolio, but can not find the ticker listing on TW for a swap. I found a similar governance token (MIR) and swapped it, but was wondering if there was any special circumstance why BADGER is not listed for a swap. If not, how can it be added?

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I found it on the search screen, but not on the swap screen. Sorry, I’m real new at this…

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Hi @Dodger,

Badger DAO is not added to the token list of Trust Wallet. You need to use the DApps browser so you can get it.

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