Balance aren’t displaying on Metamask

Dont rely another exchange .Trust wallet need to put direct sell .now we want to sell it ,we are change erc so we send anothet exchange that is too much problem occur. We send it to change erc but we not receive anothet acc. Trust give it back that lose amount what is not receive for to change erc send from trust wallet ?. Trust wallet need to create direct chage and direct sell from Trust wallet.That way is can prevent for coustomer lose send error money or waste money who send change for get erc20.
Example .now i sent Binance peg Eth to meta mask but i has not receive meta mask acc so i lose and my money is waste that Trust pay me back or meta mask pay me back .

Import this private keys from metamask to Trust wallet in the App as multi wallet or Binance smart chain wallet to access on your assets.

Here’s a guide :

How to Import a Wallet via Private Key

After reimport, Search for ETH in the app and enable which has BEP20 underneath the name.

Here’s a guide to follow :
How to Add or Remove a Coin