Balance is showing zero

Hi all,

I need urgently support from the team members of trust wallet. Today there was glitch for Saitama and I was told te reinstall trust wallet I did that and now it seems that all value’s are zero.
What happend and how can this be solved,

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ETH nodes were temporarily out of sync. There were issues with seeing and sending/receiving ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Issue has been fixed.

If you still can’t see your tokens, re-import your wallet: How to Re-Import your Walletonveniences

Thank you and sorry for the inconveniences.


Still don’t work. My bnb en wife dogecoin is also zero. Everything has just zero value. But if i check with ethereum scanner they are available.

please check

Yeah this is true. My BNB (Bep-2) gone too, but in blockchain transaction, it exists. Dev have to fix this annoying problem

Please help us, all my assets are gone. My balance is zero. I have other receiving adresse as well???

If the addresses don’t contain your funds, there could be number of reasons:
1 This is a completely different wallet, make sure you imported the correct one.
2 You have restored the wrong recovery phrases. Every recovery phrase has its own unique Multi-Coin wallet addresses. You need to find the correct set of words to recover your wallet. We do not have a record of these recovery phrases.