Balance not showing and value on bsc scan

I bought a token and it went through and it dosnet show on the app after adding and also it went through on bsc scan and it just says value 0 and and balance 0 :frowning_face:

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Hello @moep To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

  2. Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here. Also copy and paste it in plain text)

  3. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

  4. Further details about your issue (please explain what you were trying to do)

  5. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)