BCH vs BTC transaction fee

Have you noticed the recent jump in BTC transaction fee? There is an option. I mean, there is an answer to this problem. It is BCH!!!
During the next bull run that is coming soon, I think newbies are going to initially buy BTC but as soon as they try to send it, they will realize its too expensive and will sell it for a better Bitcoin which is Bitcoin Cash. ALL the BTC users as well as all the companies that want a Less Expensive Ethereum replacement which just so happens to be Bitcoin Cash in both regards. Soon enough the Market will wake up to this fact and lets hope Bitcoin Cash is ready for the task.


Lol people will still go for Bitcoin regardless.


Yep, off course buddy

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A lot cheaper ones out there…


Only if they are not aware of the transaction fee but if they know, they should be able to choose right

Often time, novices want to go for the top ones with good value already.

A lot of unique one and cheaper one are outside

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I’m one of those routing for BCH.
The transaction fee is far cheaper than BTC and ETH.

I pray that others will follow suit.


Very true! I stick with BCH because it remains the best so far considering the top coins.

I would choose Bitcoin than BCH

Good luck then. Enjoy the fees lol