Beefy.Finance 5000 TWT Christmas Giveaway

To celebrate recently adding to the Trust Wallet DApp browser, we decided to join in with their Christmas activities and give 5000 TWT as a Christmas Bonus in their mooToken lottery, for anyone staking their TWT-BNB LP mooTokens.

This article will show you how to take part. The more LP tokens you keep staked throughout the campaign, up to the 31st of December, the higher your chances of winning some of the 5000 TWT.

To see how the Beefy Cross-Community Christmas Lottery is working for other Binance Smart Chain vaults check out this post on Beefy’s Medium page :point_down:

How to enter

  1. To start with, you need to add your TWT-BNB LP tokens on, from within the Trust Wallet DApp browser.

If you don’t know how to do that, read this community article to learn how to join a mooVault

  1. Now that you have some LP tokens in the mooVault for TWT-BNB LP, you can stake those mooTokens (which are basically your receipt for being in the mooVault) on the new special Christmas section of Beefy: You can reach this page by entering the url into your DApp Browser.

  2. Once you reach make sure you have selected Binance Smart Chain in the top right hand corner, and click the connect button. You will then see the option to click your Trust Wallet, click this and you will be fully connected and ready to participate.

  1. Now you will see all of the Cross-Community Lotteries. Select the TWT-BNB panel by clicking Open.

  2. You will be presented with the opportunity to stake your mooTokens. Enter the full amount and click the stake button.

  1. Once you have confirmed the transaction your mooTokens will be staked in the Christmas vault.

One thing to note, if you return back to and look at your TWT-BNB LP vault, it will appear as though you are no longer in the vault. This is not the case! Throughout the campaign you will continue to earn the stated APY of the vault, and as soon as you unstake your mooTokens on the Christmas campaign, your full TWT-BNB LP amount will show again.

That’s it. You can already stake your mooTokens. Every token staked between 00:00 UTC on December 20, up till 00:00 December 31 will count. The more mooTokens you stake, the more chance you have of being one of the 5 winners that will receive 1000 TWT each. If you have any further questions about the contest please join the Beefy Finance Telegram channel to talk with their team.