Beginner should staking, no trading

Who is the new of crypto market. Without any experience if he start trading then must he will lose. First have to do study and have to gain experience then go for trading. :white_check_mark:

That’s why my suggestion for beginner that don’t do trading, you can do your fund staking or saving. :speaking_head: :pray:


Research is king. Yes after deciding the ideal crypto to invest in, they can stake or save 1st before trading.


Trading is such an elaborate stuff. Diving into it as a novice would be detrimental. Staking is novel. Passive income is a beautiful thing


Nope, not in my opinion. Staking brings you in most cases an APR of 5-10%, which, unless you have a lot of capital, is nothing. $1000 turning into $1100 over a year is close to nothing.
A beginner should research, research, research and invest in a (or more) project/s. That’s how money is made for 99% of the people in this market.


@Aezakmi yes bro right. That’s why my suggestion was that before gaining experience a lot, just he should do stalking then he will go for trading.

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