Bep2 - bep20 - erc20?

Can I trade ETH BEP2 for ETH BEP20 ? Would the ETH BEP20 be on the same blockchain as ERC 20? What my question is, can I exchange my ETH BEP2 for ETH BEP20 and then exchange the ETH BEP20 for ERC20?


I am so confused. I don’t understand why exchanging crypto has to be so difficult. People would be more interested in crypto if it wasn’t so hard to trade and sell tokens. It would be so much easier if all tokens could be swapped for another without worrying about what blockchain they are on and having to find out what can be traded for what. I’m trying to convert my ETH BEP2 into something that I can convert back to ETH or BTC so I can sell it for USD and withdraw some of it. I live in the State of Idaho in the USA and my State is not allowed to use Binance


Please use the bridge on your pancake wallet binance bridge I think you will fund it helpful it’s necessary to understand it though all of that is just to meet with certain standards of the contract that’s why they are different ErC20 is pure proof of work and they aren’t same as bsc which is pos maybe in the future they could do better other than a bridge for now use the bridge.


BEP2, BEP20 and ERC20 are different blockchains. DEX or Swap trades in Trust Wallet can be done within one blockchain only. Cross chain trades are ipossible. If you want to trade cross-chain, you need to use centrlised exchange.


Simple and precise. Kudos

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