BEP2, BEP20 or ERC20

I have doubts about this. When I have bought on Binance BNBs and ETH cryptos. When I want to transfer to my trusted wallet, I have several network options. Which of them I have to select, why?

If I want to deposit again on Binance those cryptos, which network I have to select?
What will happen if I select a wrong one?


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You can choose to withdraw from the network depending on the network of token that you wanted to deposit. If you want to deposit ERC20 token to your personal wallet, then you have to choose ERC20 network from where you can withdraw your token. If BEP20, then you choose BEP SC20. If BEP2, then choose BEP2. You can distinguish it by the initial of your wallet address of your personal wallet.

BEP2 address starts with bnb1
BEP20 address starts with 0x
ERC20 address also starts with 0x


Hi @claudi,

You can refer to Trustbear’s response above ^

To add, it also depends on how you plan to use it. Do you want to interact with the native Ethereum network? Use ERC20. Want to access DApps and transact via the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)? Use BEP20. Would you like to utilize the Binance Chain? Use BEP2.

Clear, but if I have on my wallet for example ERC20 and I want to deposit again on the Binance for trading, I have to deposit them in ERC20 mandatory, what does it happen if for an error I try to send (for example) in BEP2??

When depositing on Binance, you should select ERC20 as a network. I don’t think you will make an error when you select BEP2 since the address is different (plus, it’s obvious that you really need to use the ERC20 network).


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