BEP2 Dos Network Token

I bought the DOS Network Token from within the Trust Wallet app and I see they are BEP2. Even though on the token is in green, I’m always shown a minus from within the wallet for the token. Currently, it’s saying -87%. I’m very new to this. I wonder if someone could assist please? Thanks.

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You need to update your App if you are yet to do so.
Make sure you are looking at the right coin also.

Hi I have a similar problem.
I have some DOS Network Token (BEP2) on my Trust Wallet and I don’t understand why the wallet doesn’t show the price of the token.

I’ve read around that the token could not be listed, but then I don’t understand why the price has been showen up to few weeks ago.

Moreover the App is updated; I’ve also uninstalled it, installed again and recovered my wallet.

Can anyone help?

I have a similar problem. I have my seed phrase, I know my wallet address, and I have received BUSD-Peg. I can see it on the BSC chain. But when I add BUSD token to my wallet, the balance is zero.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I can’t seem to switch networks or add contracts in the wallet, it’s there but inaccessible somehow.