BEP20 network & Dogecoin Question


So when transferring dogecoin from Binance I noticed the transaction fee was 5 dogecoin. ($5aud)

I decided to transfer it through the bep20 network as the cost was much cheaper ($0.60 aud)
(aka bep…scp on the Binance app.)

So after going through duck tumble & roll process to figure out how to transfer the dogecoin back to Binance, I have the following question.

As my purchase was done through the smartchain network, I do not see much support for transferring and withdrawing dogecoin.

An example of of no smartchain support are with An Australian bitcoin platform, such as Coinspot.

For future case’s if I decide to transfer Dogecoin from the Trust Wallet to Coinspot, this is not possible & not supported).

I would have to transfer the money back to Binance. After the transfer back to Binance I will transfer this money to Coinspot, would I select dogecoin as the network through Binance? (In order for the transfer to work sucesssfully)

Any thoughts & ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @dogecoin,

If Coinspot won’t support Binance Smart Chain by the time you are trying to withdraw, then yes, you need to select Dogecoin/Dogechain as the network.

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Thanks. Exactly what im after.

Correct. Binance Smart Chain was launched last year. You can learn more here: An Introduction to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) | Binance Academy