BEP20 to Coinbase

Hi, I bought Ethereum through Pancake swap in Trust Wallet. It gave me BEP20 ETH. I want to turn it into cash in my bank, but that isn’t possible in Trust Wallet. I can’t send it to my Coinbase because it doesn’t accept BEP20. What can I do??? I downloaded binance but it says it only can take BEP2 and ERC20. I keep paying fees to move this stuff around and not getting any help. My money is stuck please help!!

Hello you can withdraw your BEP20 ETH to your Binance wallet. BEP20 is also the same as Smartchain and there is an option for that deposit.

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Hello, my account does not have BEP20 as an option, and Smart Chain does not show there when I search it. I just tried sending ETH again and it disappeared into thin air again. I have BEP20 but the only options are BEP2 and ERC20

In that case, the best way to deposit to your Binance.US account is to swap your ETH BEP20 to Smart Chain BNB then cross-chain swap it to BEP2. So you can deposit it as a BNB BEP2 (don’t forget to enter the memo).

Here’s a guide on how to cross-chain swap:

Did you send your ETH BEP20 to their ERC20 deposit address?

Incredible! Thank you so much for the help. It hasn’t gone through yet but I think you just saved me!

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Hey I recently tried to send some money over to coinbase and the money disappeared. I checked everything all the way down to the Address and network. I’m guessing the same thing happened to me but the thing is it would only let me paste my coinbase address in the BEP20 for ANKR. It kept saying “invalid address” when I put it in BEP2 so when I sent it under BEP20 it disappeared. Now I took all the right steps and the app told me I was doing something wrong when I was doing the right thing. I understand if the money is gone but that is a serious flaw that needs to be fixed. It wouldn’t let me paste it in the right area. I even copied and pasted my address in notepad to make sure I had everything correct. 92 dollars and change poof gone.

Please get back when ever possible, the last thing I want is for someone to open a new account with 92 free dollars in it

Trying to find solution if anyone can help. Similar to the above however I sent before realising.

Transferring from coinbase to trust wallet. I sent erc20 usdt to bep20 usdt. Erc20 was only format in coinbase and I didn’t realise until I read after assuming the usdt was both the same.

Transfer says complete and checking the address wallet states the money is there, however the wallet in trust wallet is saying 0 still.
What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @PB_Jelly94, if you sent from Coinbase to your Trust wallet, then you only need to add the sent token as a custom token to view your funds.

I sent Binance-Peg ethereum tokens to my coinbase ethereum wallet. The transaction says completed but the amount obviously does not show in my Coinbase wallet, because is BEP20…
Is there any way to get back my money?



@csucsi86 From what I know Coinbase doesn’t support BEP20 Assets.
Please contact the customer support of Coinbase so they can assist you with the deposit issue. If they are not willing to recover the crypto or credit your account, then, unfortunately, you may consider it as lost. Please be careful next time and triple-check before transacting.