Dear Trust Wallet Community! About a week ago I made an enquiry about a mining pool site, which was almost immediately responded to by a member called ‘Tobi’, who claimed that the site was a scam, while at the same time readily offering to help me get my money back. In order to do this, he first had me delete my working Trust wallet account, then had me create one with secret words of his own and asked me for 400 or 500 USDT almost every day. So in about two weeks I unfortunately lost quite a lot of money, be very careful! I have proof of all this, unfortunately I can’t hope for any help, but I thought I would let you know! The e-mail address is [email protected]. at almost the same time an e-mail and a page offering help appeared, be careful with this one too, the e-mail address is [email protected] The page linked to the previous e-mail was most probably created by scammers!

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@nejola You fell for an impersonator, please beware I won’t contact you anywhere else and the only official email for Trust wallet is [email protected]

Can you please do this:
Download the .eml file from that email, open a support ticket at and report the email then attach the .eml file also.
Send the ticket ID here after so I can escalate to the Customer support team.