Beyond the Jargon: What You Need to Know About Ethereum 2.0 | Decentralize

As ETH2.0 is on the way, many people still don’t understand what it’s really all about. This article can give you an answer to some questions you have about ETH2.0. Happy reading!


Well thought out and elaborate…very insightful

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Thanks for sharing this.
Very informative read.

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Defi will be crazy when ethereum v2.0 it launched as POS will be well pronounced.

Defi will be crazy when ethereum v2 is launched proof of stake would be fully manifested.


At first I was kinda confused About it

I hope you are now clarified?

And they really started in it, but you will get rid of two years too

" if there is a sudden market crash or surge, they would be unable to take advantage of such an event, to either cut losses or take profit"

Can someone explain the quoted part to me cause I don’t really know if it’s really what I’m thinking

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Who are “they”? We need to understand the context of the message first but interpreting.

The stakers in the staking pool

Ok. It means that, if you are a liquidity provider and you staked your tokens in the pool. when there is a reasonable rise or adverse fall in the price of the tokens you staked, your tokens are already locked in the pool and you don’t have access to either sell and make profit or cut your losses at that moment.

If you still need more explanations, do let me know.

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Think we’re still on track to roll out serenity in a few week’s time?