Big Difference price between SAFEMOON from Trust to SAFEMOON official website

Hello can you help me to understand Why there is big difference price from SAFEMOON website to Trust Wallet?

30% it’s a lot difference


I also saw big difference but realised it was my currency preferences set to GBP in TW whereas the website is in USD so I was also seeing a difference of around 30%+

I am unsure why the website link goes to .xyz (which doesn’t work for me) though when the website should be .net.

Ive noticed some strange stuff also. The market cap says $0.00. I. Pretty sure it didnt say that priro to the past week. I think i have a screenshot. Is trust wallet really truat worthy?

You’re right. It states 0 market cap and 0 circulating supply. Also the chart shows 0.00 price on the graph. This only appears to be an issue with Safemoon, as other currencies don’t have this problem. I think the issue may be that the data is not available on CoinMarketCap. If you follow the bottom link to ‘view on CoinMarketCap >’ it has the following:

“The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2490, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and the max. supply is not available.”

I suspect the TW pulls its data from there, and the issue is more to do with CoinMarketCap not having the info.

As for the safety, IMO Binance and TW are one of the safest options around, having read stories about other exchanges. Funds are #SAFU and all that, just need to do your own research and you’ll get an idea. GL

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YOU ARE AWESOME MY FRIEND! Thank you for responding and providing me with some guidance and info! Can I ask another question? Where do I locate my safemoon transaction so that I can see what price i bought it at? I see it on the main page of trust wallet but when I go into SAFEMOON, it says “no transactions” like it does in the BNB. i purchased safemoon the bnb pancake swap way.