Binance p2p exchange rocks

I recently tried out the binance p2p exchange and is simply faster than any p2p exchange out there zero fees that makes it amazing ,this is the kind of crypto services we wanted for fast and mass adoption ,binance is really taken over crypto space being at the front piloting this movement, kudos :fist:


Binance as an exchange has been doing a great job, without any doubt, binance has contributed a lot to the crypto space.


They introduced Mpesa Mobile Trades. :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Trust me this will make crypto adoption in East Africa super fast.
A little bit of stats:
The number of active registered mobile money subscriptions in Kenya alone stand at 29.1 million while the country has just over 202,100 active mobile money agents, of which over 173,000 were M-Pesa agents.

That’s about 70% of the over 18+ year olds who are literally unbanked(No debit/credit card or bank account), I can access Mpesa anywhere in East Africa and some parts of US and UK.


Binance is the always best

Binance has always and will always remain the best and they will always stay at the top.

I trust Binance and it’s innovations. They are making us proud.

No doubt binance rocks!