Hello - I recently attempted to send BINANCE-PEG ETH to ETH wallet, but I haven’t received any payment.

Payment/status shows complete.

Transaction hash : 0xfcf7a81d830178d6de8234823a5e66c4ba29e6ea07941b3d28358a0e24102a58

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Hi. I kinda have the same issue, except I didn’t make the transaction.

I have Binance-Peg-Ethereum in Trustwallet. I want to know how to convert to Ethereum.

Please consider me as a noob here. I only have experience in purchasing cryptocurrency using Fiat. So, this is all new to me.

Thanks in advance.


I Same problem need help also . I gave binance peg Ethereum too thank you everyone for help

I have a similar issue,
Send Binance-Peg Eth to Binance ETH wallet with using BEP 20 adress,
Its pending for 1 hour and no activity in transaction.
How much time it takes usually ?