Binance-Peg ethereum sent to Coinbase wallet

Please assist
I sent Binance-Peg ethereum to coinbase ethereum wallet. The transaction says completed but the amount obviously does not show in my Coinbase wallet.

I have read and read and watched videos, but I am confusing myself even more on recovering the funds. Can someone please break this down for me and assist me in recovering the funds.

I also need to transfer the funds to another wallet but that has confused me as well.

Hi @eric.baggett,

Does the Coinbase ethereum wallet that you use gives you the ability to retrieve the recovery/mnemonic phrase and/or private key?

Just got a message back from trust wallet.
They said they cannot refund the money.
I sent them every piece of information on the transaction. I don’t believe that the money just disappeared like that.
I have seen article after article and video after video of people recovering or refunding from doing the exact same thing I did. But somehow this is ireversible.

Well, you have to answer my previous question so we can know if it is recoverable.

Also having same issue with this hopefully you figure it out. Not sure what else to do

I went through trust wallet website and followed the steps for recovery. It shows all the information and says recovered but shows a zero balance. Something sounds fishy.

Which recovery method dis you use ? I will try it with mine hopefully it will work

Thank you all for the worries. I managed to find out what the problem was but not able to correct it. Shucks to lose it, but I can’t blame anyone but myself.