Binance Smart Chain Projects - Be careful everyone!

If you are an avid Binance Smart Chain (BSC) user like me, you will no doubt be aware of the many projects that are being released on BSC.

With the amount of people now moving from project to project, its good to reinforce how to be safe out there, reduce risk, and choose already respected by the community projects. By now we have all used pancake, for many, it was our first look at how good the fees and speed on BSC are.

Now BSC has got the attention of a lot serious teams, looking to build and promote this chain, so if you are looking at a new project, start with all your normal due diligence, but check out their community, I have found this can be a very quick way to get a sense of the project and its users, and hey, you make some new great friends, I know I have, the best community I have ever found in crypto!

Get out there, DYOR, and never risk more than you can afford to lose, but most of all have fun!!!


Of course! You said it all.
Have fun and don’t forget to stay safe


So many projects out there, but I have my favourites now, always research all tokenomics and mechanics of any project, but as a trust wallet user I would defo check out

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How does thugs work … Was in dre discord group everything looks confusing

Im really impressed with the setup, team are so on it, and communication is free flowing. If you want to learn more have a look at the docs in the link below, or come and join the telegram channel, thugs community are family orientated, best community in crypto I ever come across

I agree with you, just to ensure one does not fall into the wrong project, select a well trusted project and invest

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Hello to all. Please inform to me. I just send BNB from my INDODAX to BNB of Trust Wallet, in Trust Wallet already received but value on BNB still zero (0)

Please help any can information

Did you sent them to same network ?

Hey Mino72 =)
Welcome to the Fam!
Make sure and check if you are looking and added the right BNB-wallet (Bep2 or Bep20).

BNB address is correct. In Trust Wallet any 2 BNB. Which correct? BNB ( full yellow colour) or BNB ( yellow and black color?

if your address starts bnb then its yellow, if its starts: 0x then its black/yellow

Their are two BNB address, bep2 and bep20, bep2 address always start with bnb… and are most with memo except on trusted wallet and mainly yellow , and for bep20 address they always come with 0x… form like Eth address, they are smart chain address (bSC) and are yellow and black in colour

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