Binance to trust wallet by sending eth but not receive

Hi admin,

I have moved my ETH from Binance flatform to Trust Wallet at 23:40 [Vietnam Timezone]. Binance system informed “Successful in moving”, but I still see my ETH on Trust Wallet.

This is my Txid: 0xdf26026559fe513aeba896c836c2acb0928712afccea85b0a4cc62ab9d915b93

My trust wallet address is: 0xad17287A63ed8Fc447148B97cFA03B7FDb5Bc62d

I had the same exact problem.
I shared the details in another post.
Since Trustwallet is Binance’s anyway, I expected there’d be no problems but here we are.

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I hope the transaction will be show on my trust wallet and nothing unluckily happens

Hi I may be able to help ya, if you go into your transaction you will see ypur coin has gone in your wallet but is a Binance-Peg (ETH) token. All you need to do is token ETH and enable your ETH peg token and you will find your coin. If you want to change it into ETH network use DEX. Remember Trust uses both networks so smart coins are usually peg coins or wrapped unless on ETH. Hope it makes sense. Hope this works. Cheers

Binance account shows my transaction was successful, but on Trust wallet I didn’t see anything , it shows zero :(( how I could get my ETH, It worths 450$

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Annie55 its in your Trust wallet as Binance Peg ETH you may need to enable coin in your search token area of the Trust Walllet.

Have a good one every1 hope you have sorted what you needed to. I am off to sleep take care

Yah. I got it. I really thank you a lot.
Have a nice day to you Fluffy Ducks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thats great news! Good luck with your crypto journey! Any probs if i can help give me shout. Ill try and help as much as I can.

See you around :slight_smile:

Hello FluffyDucks,

I am having the same issue. I sent Eth er20 from Binance US to Trust Wallet and I have not received anything in my trust wallet. I have checked my sent and received address and it is correct. I have also turned on the Binance Peg ETH token but still not seeing anything. Can you please help.

thank you

Hi there!

I need help as well. Transaction successful for withdrawal of ETH to Trust wallet. But its $0 in my ETH trust wallet. I have also read the comments about turning on Binance peg ETH. I searched but i cant find. Binance support couldnt help me. Would appreciate if someone could share with me how i can go about with this.

Thank you!

Heya @shi88 make sure you app. Is up to date aswell. Also go into transactions and where they transfered your tokens to your wallet copy that contract address under your wallet and copy into search tokens. Otherwise look at transaction and see what the token is called and search that token.