Binance to Trust Wallet

Hi all I used Binance to transfer dogecoin to my Trust Wallet it worked. But it has been credited to a DOGECOIN with my wallet and I can see that there is another DOGECOIN in the wallet also… the DOGECOIN it has been credited to
o is not able to be used to transfer or swap etc within the app. Can anyone help me to understand what has happened and how I can transfer it to the correct DOGECOIN within the Wallet.

Also I bought BCH from trust wallet directly using moonpay. Again. It has credited bitcoin cash. But I can’t use it anywhere. I noticed on DEX the BCH symbol is the same as to where I have been credited. But it says bep2 etc. How do I convert my Bitcoin cash to the other types so I can use?

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Same here with the weird extra DOGE icon. Can’t use it. And Bch is there but can’t trade it through dex