Bip39 passphrase?

Is there no possible way to add a bip39 passphrase AKA seed extension AKA 13th/25th word when creating or importing a wallet where one was used??
Am I supposed to solely rely on the unprotected (in my eyes) 12 words alone for protecting my stuff?? Or since I noticed that the vast majority of wallets don’t have this either (coinomi does/ major reason why I use it) that it’s impossible to import my wallets that I used one with.
I cannot find this information anywhere. Can someone please tell me, and/or direct me on how to find this if it is here?
Lastly if it isn’t here, is it possible Trust Wallet adds this feature (optional if anything)? And soon?

Sure it can be categorized as an idea… but would that then imply it isn’t implemented here? Cause it is mostly a question. Please & ty!