Bitcoin hits $12000

As bitcoin hits $12000 with the 2.55% increase what then happens to other altcoins will they rise or fall? :trust:


Altcoins follows no matter what. Except those other coins not having usage.


Selon moi si il y a de plus en plus d’adhérents dans le réseau et qui demande ses altcoins surtout ETHEREUM,je croix pas que le prix va chuté actuellement.

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altcoins will be on mars… just keep watching

Only time will tell what the outcome might be.

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Alt coin also increasing little bit. I am waiting for high move

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Still gonna hit 12500

Bitcoin is a most highest price this year

Wow that’s awesome :clap::+1::blush:
Hopefully, it will reach $13000 by ending of this year

We will see most alts shadowing BTC i think, but be aware that 12k resistance doesnt seem to be broken


The sky is the limit my friend haha

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Most of the altcoins would go up as btc known to be their parameter.

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Altcoin will follow thier leader(bitcoin) slowly but surely…

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