Bitcoin sent to another wallet completed but not received

Hello I sent bitcoin to someone on November 4 2023 at 4:41pm Nigerian time and he’s yet to receive the coin till now I have tried contacting support through email and nothing has changed
Here are more informations about the transaction please I need my coin back :pray:t4:

Country: Nigeria
Device: iPhone 14 pro
Trustwallet version: Version 10.1 (827)
Browser: iOS version 16.2
Transaction hash: 6798773253f798e6f7c0f051055051c5607c72d41483bac5ae399aa2392de485

Receiver address:

Time : Nov 4, 2023 3:41 PMUTC

I sent $600.28 to another address for couple of days now …. It wrote completed and yet the coin didn’t arrive. At the address … I crossed check the address and it was correct and till now my coin hasn’t been returned and still not delivered yet…… I need my coin back or deposit


Hello @Samuel141
That wallet has already received the BTC and tried to send out too.

I sent bitcoin from trust wallet to binance its 2weeks now nothing shows

@Kiran6 Have you checked the transaction hash on the explorer?
What does it say