Bitcoin transaction has been pending since two days now

Another week again? This is really serious

There’s no exact timeline yet to be honest. That’s a ballpark estimate. I’ll get back to you ASAP once something is up.

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Now what’s meaning of this,

Hi @Ugobest, update, there are two non-broadcasted transactions since you paid a very low fee: bad31eca0cd32fe84aca4c5a66eb2f20d698e5c46df294dd2a1ec01a1b59cfcd and 2fa49f8ee4968859ce9954ab94d21bb50d629f7585ef8f177733f7129bee830a. That being said, you have to wait for the Bitcoin blockchain to drop and cancel your transaction. Please do not send more transactions and wait for those to drop, else, it may clog your wallet. It usually gets dropped within a couple of days.

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But is this gonna drop because this is one week now the transaction has been like that, thanks for your reply so far but I’m not yet comfortable until the transaction is cancelled, because when I was sending those transactions I wanted to use high fee but It wasn’t working, they said I have to reduce the network fee

It will drop. Don’t send new transactions for now.


God should help me on this

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Bro this is almost two weeks now, the pending transaction has been there, why is trust wallet very wicked with their service, this is pure wickedness almost 2 weeks I have been very frustrated by this, this very heartbroken

Hi @Ugobest,

As previously mentioned, you submitted a transaction with a very low fee. Please wait for it to be dropped by the Bitcoin mempool. Trust Wallet is not the one who will confirm or drop the said transactions.

Dear you don’t understand, I got nothing left with me, that transaction has been my hope so far, I have waited so long when will this drop

I understand you, @Ugobest. However, this is beyond Trust Wallet’s reach. Your tx is still pending since you paid a very low fee. It could take days to weeks for the mempool to drop it, which I also experienced in the past.

When it drops what will it look like, what will they write on the pending transaction ?

The pending transaction should disappear and you should be able to send out the BTCs. Make sure you use the highest network fee as much as possible.

I’m still waiting, nothing has happened

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Bro thanks, it has cleared, I sent another transaction with high network fee but it’s still pending, what’s happening again

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Thanks bro, confirmed

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