Problems with twt I want to send to binance chain but dont

Sorry that writting here but I saw that you solve problems with twt I want to send to binance chain but dont let could you send to my wallet some Because I saw That it help! smart chai wallet address: 0x67D3910e9971618A5bD6a845B77996f7A5B3D231

Hi @Murzius21,

Looks like you were able to successfully exchange your TWT: Address 0x67D3910e9971618A5bD6a845B77996f7A5B3D231 | BscScan

Do you still need further assistance?

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Hi, I tried converting TWT bep2 to bep20 twice now, I am charged with the fee but after 2 hours TWT bep2 comes back to wallet. I can not find a history of the conversion also.

I need some help. I sent some of my Saitama from my coin base wallet to my ETH on Coinbase and it’s not there

:warning: Balance is now displaying well.

ETH nodes were temporarily out of sync. There were issues with seeing and sending/receiving ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Issue has been fixed.

Thank you and sorry for the inconveniences