Bitcoin transfer fees

Is there any exchanges where I can swap/ buy bitcoin with less fees than transfer to other address with less fees too? The exchange I am using is charging 0.0006 BTC on withdrawal


You can try coinbase, there they are low cost for BTC or altcoin

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Hey :grinning:
Try coinbase that allow low fee

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try coinbase, I think it doesn’t charge much

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Localbitcoins, even binance is 0.0004 this days.


Yeah really good. You can try another market

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Thank you all for your suggestions. Will definitely check coinbase and localbitcoins.

Try Luno or coinbase

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Bitcoin fees are on the high side. Lots of platforms with less fee abound. I really hope more will be available soon

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I think coinbase is best option for that and you can check out uphold as well

Binance charges 0.0004 satoshi’s it’s much lesser.

Berhubung tidak tidak paham , jadi saya menyimak saja

One way to reduce fees is to convert btc to litcoin # ltc # in any exchange you trading :kissing_smiling_eyes: