BITCOIN: Trendlines Broken!

Hello guys, big news on Bitcoin today! For all the TA fans out there:

Finally, here we are! For the first time in this downtrend - almost 3 years now, Bitcoin has finally broken both the descending trend lines. We’ve managed to close the monthly candle above $10900 and it seems that from now on, we’re on uncharted territory. Of course, there are still a couple of important resistance levels ahead, like the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement and the previous high, at ~$13200; but I believe that the worst has passed.

Below is the BTC/USD Monthly Chart:

What do you guys thinks? Is this the beginning of a new bullish cycle?




I hope so, we are a bit late on the calendar ^^ This coronavirus has made his things.
Thanks for the sharing !

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Mass adoption is approaching crypto currency have come to stay forever expect btc to hit 19k plus before end of year


Yep soon we see 12500 in couple of days, 15k on wk

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I am thinking more than that. It might go between 25 to 50k. WOW! Some of my coins are ready to harvest. Lol. There’s no harm dreaming of a brand new car. Forget the Lambho not yet ripe for it. @Nobertp

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The posibility is there anything can happen ,crypto currency is just another economic safe heaven after covid 19