Blockchain usage

Why is it that most new tokens that are being developed, majority are built on the Ethereum Blockchain? I hardly see any that is built on the other Blockchains like Tron blockchain, like bitcoin blockchain if there is anything like that too.



  1. Eth is oldest and most used by regular or newbie users blockchain.
  2. Eth is leader in smart contract systems.
  3. It is second by market cap crypto (Usdt isnt a crypto, its stablecoin ISSUED in eth blockchain too).

Tron blockchain is newer, smaller, but if eth 2.0 will be here only in 2021, then new dapps devs or new bussiness will try to migrate from eth to bnb smart chain or trx, because at the moment fees on eth is too big, and nowhere to run from it. Eth need scalability, that isnt here.