BNB balance does not show in my trust wallet


Well. Yesterday i sent two small amounts to my trust wallet from Binance and doesn´t shot in the account balance. Like ten dollars in each one. (BNB = 0.0495)

First one:

My wallet address is: 0xf67c15190e3f99a9cd76b375f2abe34ec08fe674

Transaction hash: 0x1d298c49f152a6d510eff2e88f2631e247549db59d0d5dca04ad2e1d4694d0fc

Second one:

My wallet address is: 0xf67c15190e3f99a9cd76b375f2abe34ec08fe674

Transaction hash: 0x44fc2faa12cca2ddcd91ea62a0815b8cfa79addefab910b203f34467f1ece25a

There are two transfer outs. I don’t know why but i think is the amount of the fees, because are very small amounts, not the same amount for transfers in, but is still in zero the balances.

Can you help me? Thank you!

@Wormboy your funds has already been transferred to another address, the amount is small but the gas fees used for transferring out are high that’s why remain balance is 0. If you are not the one who transferring out that means your wallet is compromised, create new wallet and stop using old wallet.

OMG! I think is compromised my wallet.

I made another transaction, more bigger… 0.08 BNB and when inmediatly received, inmediatly transfer out for “gas fee” almost the same amount … is that expensive the gas fee? i don’t think so…

So… i made another transaction to the same wallet but now with $20 bUSD and inmediatly transfer out with almost the same amount 21.11 bUSD.

I need to create a new wallet and stop using the old wallet. So i’m scaried. how can i transfer the another amounts of my old compromised wallet to new one?? without the risk some one stole me the money.