BNB keeps disappearing and reappearing in trust wallet

I sent BNB to my trust wallet from binance, it’s confirmed and transaction shows on my trust wallet, but I need to convert this to smart chain, which fails every time, due to every time I refresh my wallet, the BNB keeps disappearing and reappearing and disappearing again this cycle doesn’t stop.

update- I was able to convert some to smart chain after 50+ times of trying to catch it when it was showing, that, and all my other coins are showing completely fine, it is ONLY my BNB that is having this issue
I have tried removing and re connecting my wallet, I tried stronger internet, I am fully updated, nothing changed it, it still keeps showing 1.3, then 0, then back to 1.3, back to 0 etc
Im very frustrated.

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I was having the exact problem as well with BNB. The problem was fixed after I updated my trust wallet app.

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Same issue. Can’t buy BNB or smartchain directly through trust wallet, so I sent it from binance now can’t convert to smartchain. It disappears and reappears constantly.

updating was the first thing I tried, had no effect unfortunately

Ill give it a couple of days in hope it corrects itself

Hopefully someone from the support team can help you with this problem. I’m currently waiting for the support team to answer my post as well. Fingers crossed! Best of luck!

I’m having the same issue I’m trying to buy BMB and it tells me “Not available”. I’m new on this platform and I’m already felling uncomfortable with it can anybody please tell or help us out and explain what is going on. I see I’m not the only on having this problem. Can someone from customer support post something so that your customers can know that something is being done to correct this issue.

Glad to see I’m not the only person having this issue. I tried sending BNB to my Binance account and it failed with an error along the lines of “invalid account, was expecting -1 instead of 908213923”. After that my BNB keeps disappearing and reappearing every couple of seconds and trying to swap it to Smart Chain just gives me an error that doesn’t even make sense.

Yes I was getting that same message too! along with one other one that I kept seeing, I had to do the transaction many many times for over an hour or two before it worked eventually

I just uninstalled the app, reset my phone, and reinstalled and was able to finally get it transferred out. Hope that helps anyone else struggling right now.

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My BNB problem came back. It’s disappearing and reappearing, it’s on repeat! Sigh :pensive: gave me a heart attack everytime!

I try this but it didn’t work :frowning: even i tried to re-import thing but my balance still gone, what happened on this app??

I am also experiencing this. Did you guys fix the problem or are you still going through this?

I just started experiencing a similar problem of tokens disappearing then reappearing. The difference is that it is happening to all my different tokens except for Smart Chain (BNB). That token never disappears.
I tried removing then reimporting my wallet, deleting and reinstalling the app, rebooting my phone. Nothing helped.
It looks like I can get them showing by doing the swipe down and release on my iPhone to refresh (sometimes after several tries), but also when they are showing in my wallet and I do a refresh, they disappear and the balances go to zero.
And now it’s showing all my coins and seems stable. Weird.

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