BNB lost when i tried to swap from BSC

Hello, my BNB lost when i tried to swap from BSC to Binance few days ago. Please help!!
My transaction harsh is “0xc8a9fba1399740a775fd8817fd5670938bf1c8961acae0680edbe68dab46cee0”
APP version is 6.12(6129)
My wallet address is: bnb13qmyktgpkad0xsk8xlgkmp5jzm4vsj3trkyh54

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@Alan47, @Alan47
Hey Allan. I sent some Huobi Token from Trust wallet to Bitmart exchange. I have not received and they cannot see it on their side too.

Transaction Hash

Sending Address


Receiving Address


Kindly assist me in anyway you can.

Kind regards

@Apuuli314 Please contact the customer support of Bitmart so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Anyone can help me on this?
I am not sure where my BNB is…try to figure out how to do it

Could you help me?

The first swap i did is actually failed even it shows success.
Transaction Hash: 0xc8a9fba1399740a775fd8817fd5670938bf1c8961acae0680edbe68dab46cee0

The second swap i did is success.
Transaction Hash:

I don’t know what is the difference between two swaps…