Bnb memo number missing

rying to transfer my BNB coins to my other wallet however when i want to transfer it says “Please enter the correct Memo while sending BNB. Any error will cause permanent and irreversible loss of money…”

HOWEVER your wallet doesn’t give the memo.

Also when i put the adress of the receiving wallet it says the address is wrong.( I’ve check the address in few places it is the right address)

also when i want to swap my bnb or mco to another coin it it says "insufficient bnb balance although i have 3.9 bnb in my account like you can see in the attached picture.

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Hello I have not included the memo while sending BNB from Trsut wallet to Binance US. hence i didnt receive my BNB to Binance. Can someone help me how to resolve this .


Hello. I have same concern.
Bnb memo is missing.

Is there any support here to help us about it???

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I sent BNB with no memo to an exchange and they want my txid in trust wallet however I can only get in on bscan. Is there a way to show them the txid in trust so they will release my coins?