Bnb smartchain cpin missis after swap in dex

I swap my bnb into bnb smart chain using dex and after that my bnb smart chain coin is missing already 3 days now.

My bnb smartchain adress


I have got the same problem.

Swapped BSC to BNB in the Trust Wallet.
And the coins are gone missing for 3 days now.

My TXID 0x238bb14554d45cee825a15d5159029ec8271f94c7fbf8af3d691ac055e0df6a9

Anyone knows where to get support?

That tx shows you sent bep20 to bep2, check your balance of bep2 BNB in your trustwallet app

Still zero balance in my wallet i try to swap but still 0 bep2 or bep20

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what are your addresses, send them here, the ones you have access to in your app

I understand what you are saying and I checked my balance last couple days. These funds went missing…

And the blockchain explorer should show where they went, at least to a certain extent

Yea to the BSC Hub and they never came back to my trust wallet unfortunately

Ok, I get you now, so you think there could be an issue with the bsc hub? did you use the same bridge as you always used, or a new one maybe?

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is this your bep2 address

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Same, just click more then Swap to Binance Chain in Trust wallet.
That Is my BNB wallet adress indeed.

0xFDb7562898E0B7246301F043211bA94DE7136AD7 This is my BSC adress sir. And its the Transaction at the 21st of April. With TXID


If you are a newbie in trading and binance then can read the full article from the blockchainlovers website.

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