BNB staking APR and delegation questions

Hi all. I have a few questions about staking and earning interest.

So I’ve delegated to Defibit which says its earning 12.23%, but in my staking details it says I’m earning 35.46%. Why such a difference? Which one is correct? Also, is it worth continually redelegating to chase that higher APR%? Thanks in advance!

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Hello @SalvoLudus 12.23% APR is the APR for the current validator you choose (Defibit), 35.46% APR is not in the part of your staking details but it is in part of general information that, currently there’s validator with 35.46% APR.

Yes, if you find it more profitable.


Great! Thanks for the quick reply. I feel like I’m going to be constantly redelegating since the validators go up and down so much