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Im Staking BNB on TW and want to try to get a decent return on my staked BNB. The validator staking interest fluctuation is huge. one day 32% then 24% now 16% in 3 days. How do we get consistent staking interest. As moving validator and relegating just loses a full days staking rewards. and even then the next day that validator staking rewards % decreases. Its like they promote a high staking reward then once you sign up they reduce it. Its frustrating as you never know what your getting from one day to the next.
Is there a plan to have greater consistency with staking rewards for BNB on TW?
or what’s the best recommendation to achieve consistent rewards at the best staking rewards.
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I believe it’s up to the validators and their relationship with Binance as well as their changing of commission fees vs collected APY. Can anyone confirm?
It would be nice to have a reference website or resource that allows us to communicate or see developments/changes for each validator like binance(dot)org/en/staking but with a bit more info such as payout distributions.
Further, what I would like to know is, how are payouts performed from the validators? Does each validator payout on their own cycle (daily vs weekly vs monthly) and how does the wallet reflect these changes? Does our asset balance increase or do transactions show up on the wallet? This would be helpful to see how our balances are affected by staking instead of checking every so often to see if we received our staking rewards or not. After alps was decommissioned, I switched to fuji but haven’t received any transactions in two weeks. Is this normal?

Hi @makrura @PeterNorris20,

The commission fees are indeed up to the validators. They are the ones who are setting it, which can also affect the APR:

Regarding the distribution rewards, please read that portion here to understand further:

You can also track your rewards using this Telegram bot: Telegram: Contact @BSC_Binance_Chain_Bot.

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If I want to add bnb to my trust wallet balance, can I stake 1 bnb with one validator and another bnb to a different validator?

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Yes =)

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I have a question regarding Staking Commissions vs APR
For example, TW Staking has a Commission of 15% (source: binance-org/en/staking) and let’s say it’s APR is stable through the year at 20%.

If I have 100 BNB during a year.

  • Will I have 20 extra available BNB by the end of the year?
  • Or it will be 20 -15% BNB by the end of the year?

How does exactly this commission affect the user (me)?

@iamdeadlyz Hi. I stuck 1.8 bnb on April 10 for seven days, but now it 's April 19 but it has not returned my property. Why?

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@Pacres, you will have 20 extra by the end of year.

@Yz14, it will take 7 days for the BNB to be fully unstaked. Unstaking period starts on the next day UTC 00:00. If you are comparing it to the transaction timestamp, it may take a couple of minutes/hours since the starting time is different. Also, once you unstake, you will not receive rewards.

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