BNB staking question

I have .9 BNB that I want to stake via Trust Wallet as a test but not sure about what validator to choose.

It seems like they all payout at different rates but are the ones that pay a higher APR riskier? Why would anyone let’s say choose TW Staking when Stake2me offers almost 10% higher?

Also, can I withdraw at anytime?


I am wondering the same thing. Maybe, in the future, there can be a validator reliability risk rating from 1 to 10. So we have a better idea of what risk is involved. Do validators have any risk/reward ratings yet. If not, maybe Trust Wallet could be an industry leader by offering your customers a valuable and needed validator risk/reward feature to be available when choosing a validator.

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Hi, @Clearblueskymind @PabloS83 there’s no risk as your money is safe that means there’s no way that validator will run away with your money.
About APR, the difference is due to fact that, every validator looks for something juicy that will attract delegators to choose them that’s why some of them offers higher APR. If validator becomes inactive you can Re-delegate your BNB to another validator or Unstake
Make sure you have read this article before you stake your BNB: BNB Staking with Trust Wallet


Thanks Alan. I’m glad to know that there is no risk to my money. If I understand correctly, the only risk is that a validator may become inactive, in which case, I can choose a different active validator.