BNB staking some validators are missing in Trust Wallet

There are always 21 validators, but currently just showing 18 active ones in Trust Wallet. For example, as of now, “Bison Trails” validator is missing.
Sometimes the missing validator offers the best APR. So it would be great if you can shine some light on why some validators are missing, and how to make them appear. Thank you!

Hello @anovice The top 21 validators may change depending on the amount of BNB that they hold. You can see a list of active validators here: Binance Smart Chain | Binance Staking | Binance Swap
Don’t see your favorite validators? Ask them to get listed here .

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Thats not what is meant. There are only 18 Validators to choose from within the app. I am having the same issue. Certik for example is missing even though its the number one validator right now.

@Tyb read my response above, including the articles attached, it has explained about missing validators too.