BNB to USDT swap problem

Please i have thesame problem, i swapped my ltc to bnb(smart chain) but nothing is showing up untill now, more than an hour ago, pleas help

@Nasse2764 Please be patient, you’ll receive your tokens.
Cross chain swaps are not instant.

But it shows completed on the status already, i am seriously freeking out right now

@Tobi it shows completed on the status, that’s why i am freeking out, if there is no problem pls address me so that i can stop freeking out

Or should i be worried pls?

@Nasse2764 Please provide the transaction hash

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It has dropped after 2hours of the transaction, thanks🙏🏼………………………………………………….

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Hash - 5750897dbc1af608df23c6e16ebe9ce5724619fb9c6a4788845f98b95909e860

i am waiting 2 hours now and money is not arriving. it says everything went successfull but still nothing.

0x51945A867480b670118F9a3bA10D82173C440B62 - here is my eth address

what can i do

i swapped btc to eth but didnt recieve anything support please help me.

@Enony Please you’d need to wait as the swaps are not instant.

how long is it usually ? is estimated time like 1-2 hours or days ?

thank you again tobi

@Enony Mostly it takes a couple of hours but it could vary.

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it ought to arrived as soon as you did it but due to traffic during transfers it takes some time my friend