BNB transfer from Binance to BEP-20 it's completed but didn't received.

@quasimodo Please check your transaction history, the BNB was sent out already.

Please be informed that anyone can create a wallet without the need for any user verification.

We have no way to identify the person who has access to a specific wallet or address.

Trust Wallet does not hold the funds. Everything is on the blockchain.

What this means is that a wallet can be accessed using a different app.

The Trust Wallet team cannot reverse, cancel, or refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain since the app is a non-custodial wallet. All transactions done in the blockchain are permanent.

It is recommended to create a new wallet and abandon the compromised one. Please make sure you downloaded and installed the legitimate Trust Wallet app on official sites, you can check here:

Learn more:

i have a similar situation. i sent usdtbep20 from exchange to trust wallet and in never appear. not sure why. could you take a look for me thank you.
from 0xa0387AdBA7636722ABE119cbF9220Ce0B9938b0b

interacted with (to) 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955

transaction hash 0x27ddad334eee1acfc8f655993c7f0f6afcb6fc718f14a329fb51164675a802eb

recieving address usdtbep20 0x0d9f160c65aA1B77238292622BF315671dE97100

@superkooti It seems you interacted with a malicious website, your tokens were sent out

thank you for the help. wow thats crazy. is there anyway to find out witch website?

@superkooti I’m not sure what you mean but the best thing to do is create a new wallet and abandon the compromised wallet.