BNB transfer NOT RECEIVED (from TRUST WALLET TO BINANCE), incorrect memo

Dear Sirs,

Yesterday i sent BNB from the TRUST WALLET ACCOUNT to my BINANCE ACCOUNT.

The BNB address is correct (9D331C17E69DDAA0E1F85C2A00E7B1A5DE8B03D6CA267D68AF0E509F80992522) but i did not put in the MEMO number correctly, the memo number i put is my phone number: 3287576160

Is there a way to recover this transaction? In the link below is the trust wallet transaction.

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I have the same issue. I sent money from my trust wallet to my bnb on binance and never received funds. So I sent a smaller amount and received it. So I sent the rest of the large amount and never received it. Binance. You can’t contact them. I’ve been waiting days with no response. They don’t seem to mind if they loose you money.

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I have the same problem and I could not connect them.
I am still waiting and don’t know how to solve this problem.

Hi @gpredonzan @Talha123 @Kevin7

Please read and follow their guide: How to Retrieve Crypto Deposit with Wrong or Missing Tag/Memo | Binance Support

Then, in that case, you have to wait for’s reply. Trust Wallet is simply an app that lets you handle crypto transactions. The Trust Wallet team is not in charge of crediting your account, is responsible for this one.

Waiting days now …no response. Since I had another failed transfer. I don’t trust this at all.I understand why government wants to regulate these sites . If you took money out of an atm and nothing comes out 2 out of 8 times and you can’t contact anyone and wait days without a response, who would use this untrustworthy service. PEOPLE NEED TO BE WARNED.

I did the same thing and received my funds, but it too a long time. Since there are so many people entering the crypto space, there is a long line. So, after you put in a support ticket on their website, then go to Twitter and follow, so that you can DM them for assistance. They will ask for the support ticket number, so make sure you get that first.

If you are outside of US, then there should be a twitter handle for Binancehelp too.

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I have same problem bnb from trustwallet to my binance wallet zi didn’t receive it, the address was correct but the memo was incorrect, please what do I do?

I have the same problem with the memo, i tried to fix on guide for self service… but i enter everey time the wrong Tx Id… is that the same as the TxHash of that specific transaction?

Pls help me I am sending BNB coin from trust wallet to bitbns exange but don’t showing my bitbns wallet . My Txhash no is B635D5043D3F6D249F31B3FF321A9B32259E676543EAB411307C7B852796BFF7 and my send address is bnb12f2652vdx3uf0k577fl5ze0dw6tax7amw0mhzj and my recip address is bnb1jygevqedp4dfcgqjxvdz0jlp6jtg687k799jxt

bnb14kktnh6n20efy4kfh0u5xy38rw53j8q5gkzuzv this is my wazirx address I sent bnb trust wallet to wazirx but not showing wazirx account address is right but memo not fill please help me refund my bnb

Hey i have the same issue. But i sent my BNB to my FTX wallet. What do i have to do?

@greatprince, try to follow this: Else, contact their customer support.

@Paul93, correct. If you are still encountering issues, then contact their customer support.

@SMT786, contact the customer support of Bitbns so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

@Mohdfaisal, contact the customer support of Wazirx.

@Armano, contact the customer support of FTX.

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