BNB unavailable to buy

I’m getting an error to buy BNB smart chain. It says unavailable. I bought yesterday but today nothing. What’s going on?


I am getting the same thing, as well as everyone I work with that has the app

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Yep im getting the not available also after i just used it yesterday. Is someone going to tell us how to fix this ?

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Getting the same thing and this app is impossible to find anyway to chat or get any help

Me too. Nothing available to buy. Been trying and losing money now that I couldn’t make transactions

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Have the same issue but i can’t buy any crypto…
Downloaded app today, NY

I got another to buy. Go to or any other exchange that you’re able to withdraw to put in the trust wallet and buy BNB. Then transfer it to the trust wallet. Then swap it for BNB smart chain. Then use pancake swap to get safemoon.

Hello everyone, the problem is with the third-party, not Trust Wallet.

Read here:

For other providers aside from Simplex, you can contact them directly via their support tickets:

If you want to get Smart Chain BNB, you can withdraw from If you are located in US, you can access exchanges that sells BNB then withdraw it to your BNB wallet (address starts with bnb, not 0x), then cross-chain swap it to Smart Chain BNB (here’s a guide: How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet).