I want to buy BNB, but it says not available

I’m having the same issue. This seems to be an issue for many other it doesn’t seem to be a person-to-person case.

I should also mention that I had success buying earlier but after that I get “Not Available” when entering a amount for BNB but other cryptos work fine.

I had a friend try it and his account is good, so whats the issue here and how can we resolve it? @iamdeadlyz


Hi @mal95, please send the following information so we can check:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)
  2. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)
  3. Where are you based right now? (country)

My version is: 5.21 (5210)

I’m getting the same issue. Trying to add more BNB but every time I put in a dollar amount it says “Not Available”.

Been happening since yesterday morning. Same thing today! So frustrating!!


And yes, I am in the USA…just in case you need to know what country. And because I need to type at least 70 characters here’s more text… :joy:

Same issue here for the last 48 hours. When I attempt to buy BNB, it says “not available” under the total amount of USD. I’m in the USA. Screen shot attached.


If it says not available, then that third-party crypto provider has run out of available BNBs to sell. You can contact them directly via their support tickets:

cc: @mal95 @okeefesean


How do you switch which provider you buy with? Because the first try it worked with Simplex and now it doesn’t show anything.

On my friends device it allows him to purchase via MoonPay and I don’t have an option.


I’m also having same issue. Says not available. No matter what I tried to do. Even deleted app and reinstalled it thinking it was a app issue.


I’m having the not available issue as well please help. This page won’t allow me to post screenshots apparently. Version 1.28.1


What you suggest here is not solving the ‘not available’ problem.
Many people are getting the same issue. If i could buy bnb once with apple pay i should be able to buy it again. Dunno where the problem exist.
Please resolve.


I am having the same issue and it just says “not available”. Also located in USA. What is the fix?!


This has been going on for 2 days now. Why can’t we buy bnb on here??? Any updates???


Is this real? Trusted? Anybody else restore their wallet at that address?

I’m nit gonna put my wallet info into a random site - has anyone else tried?

Iam having the same problem it won’t let me buy Bnb and I’ve tried other coins and same problem so Don’t think they ran out of Bnb to sell… can we fix this issue…


I am also getting the same issue. I was bale to buy it yesterday but now it is not working. Can you please resolve the issue.


Their 3rd party provider Simplex ran out of BNB but they are working to fix it as of 7 hours ago. If you go to Simplex website and search the help forum for BNB you’ll see the article that says they’re working to resolve the issue.


Are you Kidding me? Ok does anyone know how to purchase Smartchain BNB on Binance?


Still not working as of last night. This is crap. When are you going to fix this??? Still not available… its the only way I can buy elongate… costing us money!!


Hi everyone, as mentioned earlier, the problem is with the third-party, not Trust Wallet.

Even @zrobby mentioned it:

Read here: https://support.simplex.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360019476978-Why-is-BNB-not-available-

If you want to get Smart Chain BNB, you can withdraw from Binance.com. If you are located in US, you can access exchanges that sells BNB then withdraw it to your BNB wallet (address starts with bnb, not 0x), then cross-chain swap it to Smart Chain BNB (here’s a guide: How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet).

For other providers aside from Simplex, you can contact them directly via their support tickets:

//Update 04-20-2021. Here’s a guide regarding the issue:

//Update 04-21-2021.
If you bought BNB and other cryptos using the app, please wait for the providers to send it. Else, you can send them a ticket ^^