Bnb unstake pending

Hallo!My bnb is on hold for 8 days after unstake. what is the problem?Why have so many problems become …


Yeah I now have the same damn problem… Redelegated to Everest, unstaked and its over the 7 days and still pending… I agree… So many problems… I just want my bnb back…


Hi @GiveEnd and @Wngnutta,

Be informed that it will take 7 days for the BNB to be fully unstaked.
Unstaking period starts on the next day UTC 00:00
Once you unstake, you will not receive rewards.

Learn more:

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Same Issue I am Unable to Un stake my BNB already complete 7 days locking time

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0.39bnb is in staking
Is there any way to unstaking bnb?
It should be at least 1bnb.
It is not easy for me to deposit extra money.
Can you solve it?

my wallet:

@Ankitpipada, remember, unstaking starts on the next day 00:00 UTC. It might take a bit more than a couple of hours after 7 days have passed (which is displayed on the tx). Worry not, it will still be unstaked.

@Jeongys, that’s how the protocol works. You can’t stake and unstake less than BNB. You need to stake 1 whole BNB so you can unstake everything.

Wasnt worried about my staked BNB until i joined here :S are we insured if our BNB goes missing ?

Hey Im not too bothered about the length of time my coins take to return to me as im long time hodling just wanted to ask you though.

Is it safe ? if my coins were not returned/went missing would this be covered by Trust/Insured ?

As i’ve taken it if you stake for 7 days then in total you will probably wait 14 days until you get coins back.

7 staked days - then 7 days after you’ve unstaked them is this about right ?

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The blockchain does it automatically. The Trust Wallet team is not the one who is staking or unstaking on your behalf. There is no insurance as well, as the Trust Wallet team does not control your assets. It is a non-custodial (decentralized) wallet and you should be the only one who has access to it.

Nope. It’s up to you how long you want it to be staked. It doesn’t have to be 7 days
Regarding unstaking, the minimum and maximum unstaking periods are 7 days. Read again:

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10days have passed, still waiting please help

7 days 9 hours but my bnb is still pending, regret to stake in trust wallet

Tx: 32498450160EEA7205CAB54AA02109FADA0AD91E8FE7C15068A30E8C99E3F44C

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I’m having the same issue… 9 days still pending. I just want my bnb back. Can anyone help me with that?


Yes, it was my fault not to check the unstake rule for BNB on Trust wallet but eventually, I have decided, I will never dare to rush for BNB staking once again. I think community should raise the concerns for some changes in BNB staking mechanism as the 7 days locking of users’ assets to get fully unstaked without offering the staking reward, is not looking reasonable from any angle since we are dealing with our hard earned money ! Nothing-at-stake? If so, why the amounts of ordinary delegators should be locked in that way? If you are thinking it is fine, I have nothing to add here.
So Binance is talking about the next level’s technology for the financial freedom, right? Then, what about it? Is not it even worse than the traditional finance?

@enesengin01, your BNBs were already unstaked.

Same to you, @locdtvt

@Artistikwon, read this:

@Vision2, the unstaking period of other networks is even longer. Choose your poison, 7 days or 21 days? Personally, I’m glad that it is 7 days unstaking period only. You have to research further about how staking works.