bnb wallet on "watch only"

Hi all,
So i linked my bnb wallet from to trust wallet using the “deposit crypto from other platform” address. on trust wallet is says it is “watch only”. I do i gain full access to the wallet?
i can see there are transactions being made to the wallet but can’t do anything else with the wallet since it is watch only.

Please do the following:

  • Make sure you have the backup of your recovery phrase, private key, or keystore JSON

  • Uninstall the Trust Wallet app

  • Install the app again

  • Import using the backup (do not import an address, that will turn your wallet as a watch-only)

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I also have the same problem, when my phone died and I had to get another one. Imported with the passphrase and I get an empty wallet. If I import with the address I get my balance but it is watch only. I only set up one wallet and screenshotted the passports so I know its right. And support have been useless in trying to help me.

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Hey man. I have same problems. How did it go for you?
I logged in my wallet and it looked like I logged in to a new wallet. Everything is empty.

I can se my balance in “watch only”.

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I have a watch only wallet with like $2,000,000 in it. Can’t be mine, I don’t even have $100 in mine. What did I do wrong. How can I fix?

@Curly12u if you are the owner of that wallet and you backed up your wallet recovery/private keys, you have to import to access your funds. Here’s a guide: How to Import a Wallet & Our Top Tips To Do So Securely