BNB withdraw from to TW not reflecting in wallet

I didn’t know public addresses change on tx, so I withdrew BNB from to the original tw public address I initially used.

The tx is complete and verifiable on binance explorer but the assets aren’t reflected in my wallet still after 24 hours.

Do old public addresses link to my wallet still? Is the long wait time just a matter of network congestion?

In the photos attached are the transaction details itself, as well as that transaction’s place in the transaction history (black circle is original successful transfer to tw, red circle is currently not reflected in tw):

Also attached is my app version, new bnb wallet public address in receive screen, and wallet home screen:

has anyone else experienced this? if so how long on average did it take to receive assets?

Thanks for sharing. Im having a near-identical issue and hope it can be resolved.

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@cerrach Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).