Bonfire showing up as Bep20

Purchased Bonfire and its showing up in the Bonfire Bep20 not under Bonfire that has logo?

How to switch it over, is this an issue?

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Hi there,

You must have purchased Bonfire from Pancake Swap or any other Binance Smart Chain supported DEX app that’s why the coins are also in BEP20 network. It’s fine and everything is okay.

If you still want to convert the tokens into TRC20 or any other network so you may see the Bonfire logo then I suggest swapping Bonfire BEP20 to Bonfire TRC20 or any network that shows the coin logo.

However, you don’t need to do that because it’s okay to have Bonfire in BSC network with BEP20 logo.


I have the same issue…bought bonfire on pancake swap…I added the coin to trust wallet…I see the coin logo but I don’t see my purchase…its been 3 days. Can you please explain in simple terms

Please check your token from pancake swap, is there a balance available?

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I checked pancake swap and I have no tokens showing…is this an issue with BONFIRE?

My bonfire coin is next to a different logo then the official bonfire logo. The logo it is next to is a white logo that reads bep20. Can you please tell me how to fix this. I can’t sell the coin or swap them under the current logo. Thanks for any help

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The token you bought is BEP20 token and it is normal to have different logo, but please check if the token address is same as this original contract address:


If not, you may have bought fake tokens.

How do I check the Token Address? They both have the same receive address. But if I go to pancake like I want to sell… and put in the address for bonfire( the one you put above) it says I have zero. Thanks for your help. You are the only person to have helped me figure this out, so thank you.

Where you able to fix this? I have the same issue. Thanks so much for any help you can pass on

Here is the contact if you run into the above issue