Bought BTC, confirmed, NO BTC in Wallet

Bought $250 in BTC yesterday (over 24 hours ago) through buy BTC which sent me to moonpay. Receiving address is correct. There have been no blockchain transactions with my account. Reached out to both MoonPay and Trust wallet. Anyone have similar issues?? This is DUMB.


Transaction had been CONFIRMED and says I received my crypto…:neutral_face:…I hope y’all can help me feel at ease lol.

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Im having the exact same issue i bought 200 dollars worth and moonpay says it was delivered and there is nothing on my blockchain address and it is correct yet nothing is showing up in my wallet its been over 36 hours

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similar issue here. transferred ETH from Binance, got confirmation from Binance that transaction was successful, but nothing shows up on my wallet…

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Me too. I purchased ETH yesterday. I have the receipt from MoonPay and it says it was delivered yesterday and still nothing in my Wallet 24 hrs later.

Transaction ID: ecc974e2-0078-4581-a411-538975b24d21

Destination: 0x51Cbd056E149f9a2dC51A659ae87916F784EdC34

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I am having the exact same issue. Bought BTC over 24 hours ago, it says the transaction was processed, but it still has not been delivered.

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Im thinking about calling my bank and having them refund me. Trust wallet is a failure and I’m highly unimpressed - I will tell everyone I know not to use this garbage. Coinbase is faster than these guys and there is no customer service…

Me too! I didn’t receive my BTC that I ordered in BitMart by using Moonpay. It’s been 2 days already.

I’ve doubled check all info and address are correct. On my Moonpay transaction page, it showed “transaction is complete” and “crypto delivered”, but there is nothing shown on the “blockchain explorer” page and no BTC received in my Trust Wallet. It’s my first crypto order. Please help!


Finally got my BTC two days later when Bitcoin dropped 4K from purchase point. Transferred out with a 10% fee, screw trust wallet. Bye Felicia

Just an update: I just received my BTC after approx. 2 days and 6 hours. Maybe someone saw my request here and fixed it. Thanks